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To address concerns that have been raised in the past, we are implementing some new procedures for 2018 to help give as many troupes as possible access to shows. 

Every school will receive two unique login codes for our BookTix site. One login will be for shows and one will be for workshops. We anticipate these codes to be sent to troupe directors on Friday, March 9th. The codes will allow troupe directors access to the site ONCE for each login. Troupe directors will need to compete their transaction in one session, to give opportunity for others. The site is scheduled to open Saturday, March 10th @ 10AM EST.

Schools will receive five show tickets per paid, registered delegate. For example, if a school is bringing 15 total people (including chaperones, troupe directors, and students) they will receive access to 75 show tickets for conference. 

We have implemented this limit so that every school that is registered for conference can access five shows per student. We will still limit schools to 10 percent of the total amount of tickets per venue, and to one show per delegate, per time slot. We will offer 10 percent of the total tickets per show as rush tickets starting Friday, March 23rd at conference.  
Workshops will work similar, except that due to very limited tickets, each school will receive one workshop ticket per three paid delegates. For example, if a school is bringing 15 total people, they will receive five workshop tickets for conference. We will still offer 10 percent of the total tickets per workshop as rush tickets starting Friday, March 23rd at conference.  
Tickets reservations will be printed and available during check in on Friday. This is a change from the way we have done things in the past, but we feel that this will give every troupe access to as many conference opportunities as possible. 

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