April 29, 2017


Nominate an Educator

Celebrating the valuable contributions thespian troupe directors and educators make to the culture of their high schools and the lifelong impact they have on students. Any one may nominate a theatre educator to receive the award.

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Individual Events

Individual Events (IEs) give students an opportunity to receive a rating and feedback from theatre professionals. IEs are available in both performance categories and technical categories. Any delegate attending state or junior conference is eligible to register for IEs. Each troupe may send only one entry per category and each student may participate in one event only. Please be reminded that IEs are a “closed” competition. No spectators are allowed in the competition spaces. Categories with an asterisk (*) are not recognized by the International Thespian Festival and are ineligible to proceed past the state level.

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Tech Challenge

One of state conference’s most popular events, Tech Challenge offers a fun, competitive, educationally sound environment to showcase the skills and talents of young theatre technicians. Each event is designed to demonstrate as closely as possible the techniques and practices used in the professional theatre industry. Participants are strongly encouraged to watch, cheer for, and support other teams during the competition. Tech Challenge includes six events. 

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StARs (Student Area Representatives) are troupe members from individual areas who meet in order to plan their area’s conference. It is a great way to network with other theatre students, as well as contribute to theatre beyond your school. In order to be a STO (State Thespian Officer) from your area, you must first be a StAR. To learn more about StARS in your area, visit your area page. 

State Thespian Officers

The Ohio EdTA Board of Directors comprises adult members and Student Thespian Officers (STOs). STOs are elected representatives from each of Ohio’s six areas and enjoy full voting privileges. They represent and are the voices of all thespians in Ohio. STOs attend all board meetings and help in the planning of all Ohio EdTA events. STOs meet with thespian troupe officers to share leadership skills and lead thespian-related discussions. STOs are the main workshop presenters at LEAD and are involved in planning and running both area and state conferences. They conduct fundraisers, oversee the dance, introduce shows, and make themselves available to network with and talk to conference delegates. STOs are eligible to run for International Thespian Officers (ITO), who plan the International Thespian Festival.

18 and Over Background Checks

Background checks will be conducted on all adult participants to better ensure the safety of students attending EdTA events. Background checks are conducted online by Trak-1 and allow the state to pay a lower insurance premium. They are provided at no cost to schools.

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Background check FAQ
  1. Q: “I already did a background check at my school. Do I need to do another one?”
    A: Yes.

  2. Q: “I am a high school student. Do I need to complete one?”
    A: Yes.

  3. Q: How much does this cost?
    A: Nothing. Background checks are provided free of charge.

  4. Q: “Will I need to do this again next year?”
    A: Yes. Adults attending Ohio Thespian events will be required to submit a background check each academic year. 

  5. Q: I don’t feel comfortable providing some of this information. Can I skip parts of it?
    A: Yes. If you do not feel comfortable providing certain pieces of information such as your social security number, you can leave that section blank and still submit.

  6. Q. Is there a paper form I can use instead?
    A. Yes. You can download it here