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Presenting the All-Ohio Show: Fun Home Cast and Crew

The Ohio Educational Theatre Association is proud to announce the All-Ohio Company of Fun Home.

Alison Abigail Brinkhoff Brecksville-Broadview HS
Medium Alison Maren Rhoads Marion L. Steele HS
Small Alison Lucy Robinson Bexley MS
Bruce Ren Gleason Lake Ridge Academy
Helen Tenley Stitzer Hudson HS
Joan Sammantha Robinson Westerville South HS
Bobby Jeremy & Ensemble / Understudy Bruce Cole Stellato Lake Ridge Academy
Christian Mahad Yusuf Westerville South HS
John / Understudy Small Alison Payton Theile Bexley MS
Susan Dey / Ensemble / Understudy Alison & Helen Madison Yanichko Westerville South HS
Susan Dey / Ensemble / Understudy Medium Alison & Joan Bella Price Westerville South HS
Roy, Mark, Pete & Ensemble Tyler Zwick Westerville South HS
Stage Manager Grace Pruchnicki Cardinal HS
Assistant Stage Manager Tara Gontkovic Westerville Central HS
Assistant Stage Manager Rosemary Burmester Yellow Springs HS
Choreographer & Assistant Director Riley Bannister Westerville South HS
Lighting Elise Sellevaag Westerville Central HS
Scenic William Blank Bexley HS
Props Grace French Beaumont School
Stage Crew Lauren Betz
Costumes Rosemary Burmester Yellow Springs HS

Schools Participating
Brecksville-Broadview HS
Marion L. Steele HS
Bexley MS
Bexley HS
Lake Ridge Academy
Hudson HS
Westerville South HS
Cardinal HS
Yellow Springs HS
Westerville Central HS
Beaumont HS


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