Individual Events

Individual Events (IEs) are available in both performance and technical categories and allow students the chance to receive feedback and ratings from theatre professionals. Any delegate attending state or junior conference is eligible to register for IEs. Schools may register two students for Musical Solo, two students for Monologue, two students in ALL Technical Categories, and one entry per all other categories. IEs will begin Friday evening opposite one of the All-Ohio performances. No spectators are allowed in the competition spaces. Categories with an asterisk (*) are not recognized by the International Thespian Festival and are ineligible to proceed past the state level.

Individual Events participants who score a double superior rating are invited to complete for the ‘Thespy’ at International Thespian Festival to be held at Indiana University June 22-27. Ohio Thespians recommends the International Thespian Festival as an educational experience for many reasons outside of the IE competition, including full-length productions, workshops by professionals, college auditions for juniors, scholarship opportunities for seniors, networking, and more. We hope that troupe directors will advertise Festival as an event that is worth the students’ time regardless of the ability to compete in Individual Events. Additional information for NIES and ITF is available at

Download IE Guidelines