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Join us to teach workshops  and have a table to chat with students about your school at our Spring State Conference April 14 & 15. Email Mark Zimmerman at mzimmerman@ohedta.org to reserve your table.

BACKGROUND CHECK, all college reps, accompanists, student reps, assistants and choreographers needs to be on file with this link. Please share with all involved.


All theatre professionals, educators, troupe directors, theatre booster organizations, and others associated with theatre arts are welcome to submit workshop proposals. Proposals from current student Thespians will not be accepted unless supervised, endorsed, and submitted by the troupe director or the student is a current or previous STO/ITO.

Please fill out this form entirely if you would like to be considered as a guest artist for our conference. The workshops will all be presented in person and virtually. The conference dates are April 14 & 15, 2023 at Riverside High School

In addition to this application, please submit this background check, we can not approve your workshop until we get verification of the completed BACKGROUND CHECK

Workshop proposals are due March 1, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Horst or Jeff Sams (jhorst@ohedta.org / jsams@ohedta.org).


Vendor Registration

Ohio Thespians welcomes vendors to our annual state thespian conference.

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If you are an adult (18+) and will be on campus with students during conference in any capacity, we need to have your completed BACKGROUND CHECK on file by March 20th. We apprecaite your cooperation with this.

Please note, even if you are able to provide a background check with another educational institution or company, we ask that in order to attend this conference, you provide your information to us through this service. Thank you!

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