Junior Thespians

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The Junior Thespians are a subset of the theatre arts program specifically designed for students in grades 6-8. Junior Thespian Troupes are members of the International Thespian Society (ITS), an association of theatre educators and schools whose focus is on maintaining a theatre learning community where talent and art are shared, new skills are learned, and the whole of theatre is explored.

The benefits of Junior Thespian membership

Junior members earn awards with points and can participate in Individual Events contests at conferences. Students must be official Junior Thespians in order to be appointed to the Junior Thespian Board. Ten Junior Thespian points carry over to Thespian points when a Junior Thespian graduates from 8th grade.

Junior Representatives

2016-2017 Junior Thespians Representatives: Becky Rhinehart, Jeremy Imboden

Junior State Thespian Officers (STO)

2017-2018 Junior State Thespian Officers: Samuel Grayson and Will Blank

Become a Junior STO (State Thespian Officer)

For many years, high school thespians have had the opportunity to become an STO (State Thespian Officer) for their area, becoming theatre leaders in the state and running State Thespian and Area Conferences.  For the first time this amazing opportunity can be earned by Junior Thespians!

Two Junior STOs will be chosen to represent all Junior Thespians in Ohio on the Ohio Educational Theatre Association Board.

Junior STOs will:

  • Help plan Junior Thespian Conference
  • Help run opening and awards ceremonies, introduce shows, and network with other Junior Thespians at Junior Thespian Conference
  • Help with State Thespian Conference and introduce shows
  • Be the figurehead and representative of Junior Thespians in the state of Ohio
  • Attend Jr Thespian Conference and State Thespian Conference (Saturday only) for free

Junior STOs must attend the following conferences and meetings

  • Thespian LEAD on Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 9:00AM-3:00PM at Bexley High School (they will interview during this event)
  • State Thespian Conference on March 24th from 9AM-10PM (or end of final show) at Northmont High School

In order to become a Junior STO, these criteria must be met:

  • Be an inducted Junior Thespian
  • Must meet school academic eligibility
  • Fill out application packet and turn packet in during Thespian LEAD
  • Interview at Thespian LEAD

We will notify applicants one week after Thespian LEAD about the Junior STO decision.

2017 Junior STO Application

Junior Thespian Events

Attend Junior Thespian Conference

The 2018 Junior High Conference will be Feb 24, 2018 at Bexley High school. There will also be optional pizza and improv on Feb 23, 2018 for an addition $5 a person. Registration is now open.

Earn a scholarship for your troupe to attend Junior Thespian Conference

Several years ago, OHEdTA started a scholarship to send a high school troupe to State Thespian Conference, and we are pleased to now offer a similar scholarship to Junior Thespian Troupes!

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, your troupe must have not have attended Junior Thespian Conference for the past two years (15/16 and 16/17) due to financial reasons.

This scholarship will cover Saturday registration fee for up to 12 troupe members, 1 troupe director, and 1 chaperone, as well as up to $800 for travel expenses.

Interested in applying?  Simply fill out the application form and email it to brhinehart@ohedta.org no later than December 8th, 2017

New Category for Individual Events at Junior Thespian Conference (IEs)

This year, Junior Thespians will be able to compete in the Short Film IE.  Films will have to be mailed on a flash drive to Becky Rhinehart, 6230 Mistover Ln, Canal Winchester OH  43110 by January 24th.  Junior Thespians can also compete in all performance IEs (Monologue, Duet Acting, Group Acting, Solo Musical, Duet Musical, Group Musical, Solo Pantomime, Duet Pantomime, Solo Musical Dance, Duet Musical Dance, Group Musical Dance) as well as Playwrighting.  Please consult State Conference Individual Events for more information.

Perform at Junior Thespian Conference Opening

This year, your troupe can strut your stuff from the very beginning by performing a 3 minute scene or song at opening ceremony on the Saturday of Junior Thespian Conference.  Sign up for this opportunity will be on the Junior Thespian Conference registration form.

Attend Thespian LEAD

This year, Thespian LEAD (Leadership Education and Advocacy Day) has an even bigger focus on leadership.  Junior Thespians will be choosing the theme and designing the t-shirt for Junior Thespian conference as well as going to workshops on advocacy, running troupe meetings, fundraising, using technology to further your troupe, defining core values, and dealing with disappointment.

This event is on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at Bexley High School from 9:00AM (registration opens at 8:30AM) to 3:00PM, and you and your first 6 students are free.  It’s a great event for your Junior Thespian Officers or student leaders.  It’s also where students will interview for Junior STO.

How to charter a new troupe

To charter a new troupe at your school, start by visiting the International Thespian Society registration page or contact Becky Rhinehart

Become a Blue Ribbon Troupe!

This year, Junior Thespian Troupes will be able to earn the title of Blue Ribbon Troupe, which will be displayed by all troupe members on ribbons at Junior Thespian Conference

In order to become a Blue Ribbon Troupe, you will have to meet these criteria:

  1.  Produced a play or musical within the past year.
  2. Performed a charitable act as a troupe in the past year.
  3. Attended a Junior Thespian Conference or Thespian LEAD in the past year.

In order to register to receive this honor, you just have to answer the questions on the Junior Thespian Conference registration form!   We can’t wait to see all the blue ribbons at Junior Thespian Conference!