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Dear Ohio Thespian Directors, 

Your safety is always our top priority. We are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation in the state of Ohio and its impact on schools, travel, and gatherings. 

At present, all plans for the Ohio Thespian State Conference, scheduled for March 27-29 at Dublin Scioto High School in Dublin, are moving ahead as scheduled.

The chapter volunteer board is in ongoing communication with our host site Dublin Scioto High School, as well as with the Franklin County Department of Health.

In addition to general precautions recommended to participants that include frequent handwashing, not touching your face, and staying home if unwell, we are taking the following additional precautions: 

  • making hand sanitizing materials available in all classrooms
  • posting additional signage with directions to restrooms and sinks
  • asking workshop presenters to avoid any activity that involves participants making contact with, or working in close proximity to, others  

We are under contract with our venue and have a no-refunds policy for troupes or individuals choosing not to attend. We have ordered and paid for all registration materials, including t-shirts, badges, etc. Those materials will be available to schools that choose not to attend. 

The Ohio Thespian State Conference website will be updated as needed. Seek out information from your school district, and the Franklin County Department of Health, the Ohio State Health Department, and the CDC websites for guidance. 

We hope that this is information can assist you in communicating with your school communities as you plan your trip to Dublin on March 27-29. 

If you have additional questions, please reach out to me or Pat Santanello.

We look forward to seeing you!

Irene Imboden 
Ohio Chapter Director

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