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Ohio Thespians

Common Terms

Acceptd:  This website allows students to create an online portfolio for performing and visual arts. EdTA’s Ohio Chapter uses Acceptd for our scholarship and All Ohio auditions. Their website can be found at https://getacceptd.com/.

All Ohio:  A production made up from student actors and technicians from around the state who audition to be part of this fully-realized show. Three rehearsal weekends are utilized to create the production.

Areas: Ohio is divided in to 6 geographical areas who each have an STO and an adult board member to organize an area conference.

Area Conference: A one-day event to celebrate, showcase and educate students in their areas.

BC/EFA: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS: Thespians around the country fundraise to benefit this national organization.

Board: The Ohio EdTA representatives who have volunteered to serve.

Chizer: This Ohio memorial scholarship will be awarded in honor of theatre educator Ginny Chizer.  It will be awarded to a student who will pursue a career in theatre education.

EdTA: Educational Theatre Association: The national office that represents chapters from 48 states and 4 foreign countries. National Office is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Please visit their website at https://www.schooltheatre.org/home.

Festival: International Thespian conference celebrates close to 4,000 participants for a week at University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE.

Fose: Ohio memorial scholarship named for Bob Fose, a Thespian who served as STO. It will be warded to a student who will pursue a career in theatre or communication arts.

IE: Individual Events: The “competition” portion of State Conference. Events are held in performance and technical theatre categories. Learn more.

ITO: International Thespian Officer: Six students are elected during the Thespian Festival to represent EdTA at events across the country during the school year.

ITS: International Thespian Society or Thespians. This honors society was established in 1929 to recognize excellence in theatre.

Junior Thespians: Junior high students have their own branch of ITS.

LEAD: Ohio’s fall event aka Leadership Day aka Troupe Development Day aka ThesFest.  Students experience workshops in leadership, acting and technical theatre.  Junior Thespians plan their state conference in a separate track and teachers will have their own track of workshops.

National Office: Formerly referred to as “Home Office.”

OHEdTA: Ohio Educational Theatre Association: The group of adult and student volunteers that meet together during the year to plan events for Thespians and theatre educators.

Responder/Responding:  Any show at State Conference may request to have comments provided after their performance. A responder will meet with cast and crew to give feedback and to answer questions.

Screening: two board members will review a performance at your home school in order for it to receive an invitation to perform at State Conference

Sprowls: This Ohio grant allows students to attend State Conference at no cost for registration and will also cover IE and partial hotel/transportation costs.

StAR: Student Area Representative: Any student who would like to meet with the STO and area representative to plan their area conferences. Future STOs will be selected from the StARs.

State Conference: A weekend event with 60 performances, 100 workshops and other social and fundraising events.

STO: State Thespian Officer: One student is selected from each of the six geographical areas of the state to represent Thespians of that area. These students are full members of the board with voting privileges and are sent to the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln to attend their Leadership program.

Tech Challenge: A competitive event where tech groups compete in a variety of technical theatre challenges. Learn more.

Theatre in Our Schools: A national initiative to celebrate and recognize theatre programs. Advocacy materials will be available through EdTA.

TOTS-EAT: Trick or Treat So Tots Can Eat is our national community service project. Schools can register with EdTA as individual schools or in teams to collect nonperishable goods during the local Trick or Treat or Beggar’s Night event. The food is weighed or counted and donated to the food pantry or soup kitchen in your community.

Unifieds/Unified Audition: Ohio Unified Audition is an opportunity for current seniors who wish to major, minor or double major with BFA and BA degrees in Performance, Design, Education, Stage Management, Direction, Dance and many other theatre related areas. The event is held annually in January at the beginning of audition season. Registration is found at https://getacceptd.com/.

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