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Ohio Thespians

Board Members

Our volunteer board includes school teachers and staff members, student representatives, university faculty and staff members, theatre industry professionals, and educational theatre advocates.

Executive Board Members:

Brad Allen (Northeast Area, Ticketing, Tech Challenge)

Katie Arber (Colleges Individual Events)

Christy Barker (Southwest Area, Secretary, Hospitality)

Anthony Brown (Area Rep, Colleges, Workshops)

Justin Drummond (South Area, Awards, Workshops)

Preston Eberlyn (Advocacy, Development, STO)

Adam Hayward (Tech Challenge, Treasurer)

Jeff Horst (Info Table, Performances, Central Area)

Irene Imboden (Chapter Director, Secretary, Alumni)

Jeremy Imboden (Southwest Area, Performances, Security/Transportation)

Jennifer Ludwig (All-Ohio)

Gigi Morelli (Historian, Hospitality, Membership, Scholarships)

Francine Parr (All Ohio, IEs)

Laura Poje (Registration, Security/Transportation)

Keith Powell (Development, Website)

Ranger Puterbaugh (Silent Auction, STOs, Tech Challenge)

Becky Rhinehart (Central Area, Junior Troupes, STOs)

Kristy Rodriguez (North Area, All-Ohio)

Carmel Sanders (Colleges, Junior Troupes)

Pat Santanello (Chapter Director, Advocacy, Host)

J. Rex Stanforth (North Area)

Jessica Sutherly (Displays/Vendors, Silent Auction, Alumni)

Don Wachowiak (Northwest Area, Security/Transportation, Website)

SMJ (Colleges, All Ohio, IEs)

Matt Wolfe (Individual Events, Colleges)

Mark Zimmerman (Northeast Area, Workshops, Displays/Vendors)


Student Thespian Officers:

Isaac Slater (Northwest Area STO)

Sam Barrett  (North Area STO)

Frank Sanzo (Northeast Area STO)

Brandon Allen (Southwest Area STO)

Emily Mitchell (South Area STO)

Elle Rollyson (Central Area STO)

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