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2023 Awards and Scholarships

There are a number of  scholarships and awards available to Ohio Thespians and the educators and professionals that make it happen.

Two students working at a lighting board

Jimmy Humphries Scholarship

Our only endowed scholarship. This is nominated by a troupe director for a student who meets the following qualifications.

1. The student should plan to attend a college with an intended major in technical theatre, stage management, and/or arts management.

2. The nominee should be the one student who has been the “go to” student for technical work in your program.

3. Each troupe director may nominate one student.

4. There is no GPA requirement.

5. The student must be an inducted member of your Thespian troupe.

6. The recipient must be in attendance at the closing ceremonies at the Ohio Thespian State Conference


Jimmy Humphries dedicated his working life to nurturing technical theatre students through his work with Ohio Thespians and as the Technical Director at Wittenberg University. He went into this field because his high school teacher encouraged him to do so. This scholarship should go to a student who needs that extra push to pursue his/her ambitions in technical theatre. While there is no GPA requirement, the student should be accepted into a university theatre program. In addition, while this is a merit-based scholarship, financial need could be a factor in whom you select to nominate.


1. Compose a letter of nomination that addresses how this student has contributed to your troupe’s technical theatre program. If you have a copy of the student’s resume, attach that. If you do not have a resume, please provide details as to production work in your program. In addition, please explain how the student has gone beyond working on productions to help your technical theatre program. If you have additional information that should be used to evaluate the student, please include that in the letter. The letter should be produced in MS Word, double-spaced in a standard font. Please limit your recommendation to 2 pages. The resume can be one additional page.

2. Please email your letter (and resume) as attachments by March 30, 2021. Upon receipt, we will send you a confirmation email in return.

3. Do not tell your student that you nominated him/her. The announcement should be a complete surprise to the recipient. Rather than have students who are disappointed that they didn’t receive it, we want to celebrate the student who is selected.

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Gigi Morelli Theatre Participation Scholarship

A scholarship to a deserving 2023 graduate who has participated and made a difference in their troupe, but is not continuing to study the arts at the next level.

This is a scholarship for students choosing different career paths, majors, military or job force.

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Bob Fose Scholarship

Bob Fose (yes, FOSE not Fosse) was a dedicated troupe director volunteer and devoted Ohio Thespian. Bob made a career in the theatre arts and this scholarship is awarded to deserving student(s) who exhibit strong leadership within their troupe, has participated in Ohio Thespians (as available) and is continuing their theatre arts career at a higher level.   Selected applicants will be invited to a callback before a panel of judges. Selected applicants will be asked to prepare callbacks based on their future aspirations including: Acting, Technical Theatre, Theatre Education, Arts Administration, etc. These will take place Friday, April 14, 2023, the first day of conference.

The recipient will be announced at State Conference closing ceremony on April 15, 2023.

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Arts Advocate of the Year Award

To recognize the businesses, administrators, volunteers and assistants that make high school theatre possible.  EdTA: Ohio Chapter has created an Arts Advocate Award (formerly Administrator Award) which will be presented during the State Conference closing ceremony on Saturday, March 25th. If you are an active Thespian Troupe registered for conference please nominate a deserving advocate. DUE DATE: March 15, 2023

theatre teacher praising a class

Theatre Educator of the Year

Do you know an inspiring theatre educator in Ohio? We would love to honor their work and commitment.

This award is open to any educator at a K-12 public, private or charter school that has an active Thespian or Jr. Thespian Troupe. In the past, we have honor drama teachers, directors, and technical theatre teachers at both the middle and high school level.

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Honor Troupe Application - DUE March 15, 2023


Honor Troupe recognition is to promote excellence within your troupe. Any number of troupes can be recognized each year. You are not in competition with other Thespian Troupes.

  1. Honor Troupe Awards will be divided into two categories: silver and gold. The timeframe for troupe activities is April 2021 – July 2022. Applications are due April 1, 2023. The awards will be announced at the Ohio State Spring Conference.
  2. Any school that meets the criteria, completes the necessary paperwork may earn an Honor Troupe Award.
  3. Each troupe is responsible for submitting a digital portfolio. Included in the portfolio should be evidence of involvement which can be shown through pictures, newspaper clippings, minutes of Thespian meetings, correspondence, etc. There must be proof for all activities. The book must be in the order listed on the Honor Troupe Application.
  4. The Thespian Troupe does not need to be present at the State Thespian Conference to receive recognition.



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Hall of Fame

The Educational Theatre Association Ohio Chapter Hall of Fame has been established to honor those individuals who have given outstanding service to Ohio EdTA and Ohio Thespians.


  1. Any current Ohio EdTA adult member may submit a letter of nomination.
  2. Letters of nomination should be sent to Jludwig@ohedta.org no later than May 1, 2023.
  3. Letters should contain the following information: (a) the full name and title (if appropriate) the nominee, (b) the current school, business, community, or organizational affiliation of the nominee, (c) any previous such affiliations that contribute to the nominee’s qualifications, (d) a list of the specific contributions the nominee has made to the work of the organization, (e) a statement by the person submitting the letter that he/she has researched and verified the accuracy of the information contained in the letter.


  1. The nominee must have served Ohio EdTA in a significant manner over a period of several years.
  2. The nominee may be a college/university professor or instructor, a conference host, an All-Ohio Show Director or Tech Director, a workshop or in-service presenter, a former Thespian Troupe director, a businessman, a parent, or a member of the community at large.
  3. The contributions of the nominee may have focused on one or more areas which either advanced theatre education for students and teachers or advanced the organization’s ability to serve its members.


  1. In any one year, the number of those elected to the Hall of Fame may vary from none to four. (0 to 4)
  2. The nominees will be presented to the Board for final selection. After approval by the Board, Chapter Director will notify the honorees and invite them to be present for an induction presentation during the State Conference.
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