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Announcing the Thespy Double Superiors

Congratulations to the over 100 talented artists who presented and performed in person and virtually. Double Superior recipients will receive more information about the Spring Conference Showcase and ITF in the coming months. Honorable Mention recipients are also invited to perform in the Spring Conference Showcase.

Double Superior

*Students eligible for competition at ITF and will perform in Spring Showcase

Troupe 324                 Mo Cambron                           Solo Musical

Troupe 513                 “In” from Carrie                    Group Musical

Troupe 513                 Riley Bannister                       Solo Musical

Troupe 513                 Bella Price                              Solo Musical

Troupe 513                 Madison Yanichko                 Solo Musical

Troupe 513                 Peter Stoycos                        Solo Musical

Troupe 513                 Kimberlee Welch                    Playwriting

Troupe 2512               Annabel Long                         Playwriting

Troupe 2813               Tenley Stitzer                         Monologue

Troupe 6751               Nicholas Brunet                      Solo Musical

Troupe 6751               Nicholas Brunet                      Monologue

Troupe 6793               Zoie Sime                               Playwriting

Troupe 7171               Natalie McMahon                   Solo Musical


Honorable Mention

*Students invited to perform in Spring Showcase

Troupe 324                 Ella Sander                             Solo Musical

Troupe 324                 Lydia Tucker                          Solo Musical

Troupe 513                 Tyler Zwick                            Monologue

Troupe 513                 Sammi Robinson                    Solo Musical

Troupe 1674               Delaney Eakins                       Solo Musical

Troupe 5440               Isabella Dionisio                     Monologue

*Please note that in order to perform at Spring Showcase, you and your troupe need to be registered for the Spring Conference March 25-26. Check email for more information in the coming months.

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