2018 Tech Challenge Results

Congratulations to this year’s Tech Challenge participants! 

Troupe NoTroupe NameDrop Fold PointsSound PointsPlatform PointsCostume PointsLight Hang PointsDuct Tape PointsTOTAL POINTSFINISH PLACE
54Granville High School7810689481
4277Anderson High School945905322
1422Marion L Steele High School097075283
5440Dublin Scioto High School509095283
513Westerville South HS4350105275
2204Centerville High School823805266
8543Cardinal High School608605257
5658Hilliard Darby High School0100255228
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC101765209
6751Dublin Jerome HS40010051910
3891Springfield High School (Holland)00600101611
6596New Albany High School10100051611
1489Bowling Green High School0020481413
4100Dublin Coffman HS0700151314
1553Troy High School0600051115
4463Sylvania Northview High School4000251115
5460Logan High School0600051115
8192Gibsonburg High School0003071018
5931Riverside High School000405919
5800Stivers School for the Arts000035820
2512Bexley High School000205721
1709Monroe High School000006622
1316Hilliard Davidson High School100005622
930Edison High School000005524
3323Groveport Madison High School000005524
6116Village Academy Schools000005524

Troupe NoTroupe NameFINISH PLACERankPoints
54Granville High School2.0029
513Westerville South HS6.0065
930Edison High School6.0065
1422Marion L Steele High School6.0065
1489Bowling Green High School3.0038
1553Troy High School6.0065
1709Monroe High School5.0056
2204Centerville High School6.0065
2512Bexley High School6.0065
3323Groveport Madison High School6.0065
3891Springfield High School (Holland)1.00110
1316Hilliard Davidson High School6.0065
4100Dublin Coffman HS6.0065
4277Anderson High School6.0065
4463Sylvania Northview High School6.0065
5440Dublin Scioto High School6.0065
5460Logan High School6.0065
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC6.0065
5658Hilliard Darby High School6.0065
5800Stivers School for the Arts6.0065
5931Riverside High School6.0065
6116Village Academy Schools6.0065
6596New Albany High School6.0065
6751Dublin Jerome HS6.0065
8192Gibsonburg High School4.0047
8543Cardinal High School6.0065

Troupe NoTroupe NameFinish TimeRankPoints
54Granville High School2:3338
513Westerville South HS2:05110
930Edison High School6:11210
1422Marion L Steele High School3:1447
1489Bowling Green High School3:3874
1553Troy High School5:07160
1709Monroe High School5:47200
2204Centerville High School4:29120
2512Bexley High School5:11180
3323Groveport Madison High School4:33130
3891Springfield High School (Holland)4:27110
1316Hilliard Davidson5:34190
4100Dublin Coffman HS4:23101
4277Anderson High School5:08170
4463Sylvania Northview High School3:5992
5440Dublin Scioto High School2:0929
5460Logan High School7:19240
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC3:3356
5658Hilliard Darby High School3:3565
5800Stivers School for the Arts3:5483
5931Riverside High School6:30220
6116Village Academy Schools8:27250
6596New Albany High School4:45140
6751Dublin Jerome HS6:31230
8192Gibsonburg High School8:30260
8543Cardinal High School5:02150

Troupe NoTroupe NameFinish TimeRankPoints
54Granville High School1:1356
513Westerville South HS1:39120
930Edison High School2:14210
1422Marion L Steele High School2:01170
1489Bowling Green High School1:49140
1553Troy High School2:00160
1709Monroe High School2:10190
2204Centerville High School1:0638
2512Bexley High School1:3592
3323Groveport Madison High School2:14210
3891Springfield High School (Holland)2:35240
1316Hilliard Davidson1:57150
4100Dublin Coffman HS1:36110
4277Anderson High School1:0129
4463Sylvania Northview High School2:05180
5440Dublin Scioto High School2:40250
5460Logan High School1:46130
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC1:0747
5658Hilliard Darby High School1:3592
5800Stivers School for the Arts2:41260
5931Riverside High School1:2274
6116Village Academy Schools2:33230
6596New Albany High School2:11200
6751Dublin Jerome HS0:56110
8192Gibsonburg High School1:2583
8543Cardinal High School1:1356

Troupe NoTroupe NameFinish TimeRankPoints
54Granville High School1:54110
513Westerville South HS2:4065
930Edison High School4:05220
1422Marion L Steele High School2:0647
1489Bowling Green High School2:5292
1553Troy High School4:02190
1709Monroe High School3:27150
2204Centerville High School2:4883
2512Bexley High School5:32250
3323Groveport Madison High School7:03260
3891Springfield High School (Holland)2:3656
1316Hilliard Davidson High School3:11120
4100Dublin Coffman HS3:26140
4277Anderson High School2:4065
4463Sylvania Northview High School3:08110
5440Dublin Scioto High School2:0029
5460Logan High School3:39170
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC3:03101
5658Hilliard Darby High School4:51240
5800Stivers School for the Arts4:02190
5931Riverside High School3:12130
6116Village Academy Schools3:41180
6596New Albany High School3:38160
6751Dublin Jerome HS4:25230
8192Gibsonburg High School4:03210
8543Cardinal High School2:0538

Troupe NoTroupe NameFinish TimeRankPoints
54Granville High School0:3938
513Westerville South HS1:2583
930Edison High School2:17130
1422Marion L Steele High School0:3329
1489Bowling Green High School2:26140
1553Troy High School0:4456
1709Monroe High School1:53120
2204Centerville High School1:3092
2512Bexley High School2:45220
3323Groveport Madison High School3:06250
3891Springfield High School (Holland)2:35190
1316Hilliard Davidson2:58240
4100Dublin Coffman HS0:4347
4277Anderson High School1:0074
4463Sylvania Northview High School1:48110
5440Dublin Scioto High School2:43210
5460Logan High School0:4456
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC2:32180
5658Hilliard Darby High School0:27110
5800Stivers School for the Arts2:56230
5931Riverside High School2:39200
6116Village Academy Schools2:27150
6596New Albany High School1:36101
6751Dublin Jerome HS2:28160
8192Gibsonburg High School3:07260
8543Cardinal High School2:28160

Troupe NoTroupe NameFinish TimeRankPoints
54Granville High School0:5947
513Westerville South HS1:0374
930Edison High School1:08150
1422Marion L Steele High School1:05120
1489Bowling Green High School1:20240
1553Troy High School1:08150
1709Monroe High School1:13170
2204Centerville High School0:5738
2512Bexley High School1:13170
3323Groveport Madison High School2:10260
3891Springfield High School (Holland)1:13170
1316Hilliard Davidson1:04101
4100Dublin Coffman HS1:07140
4277Anderson High School0:5629
4463Sylvania Northview High School1:0374
5440Dublin Scioto High School1:0265
5460Logan High School1:06130
5570Akron School for the Arts at Firestone CLC1:04101
5658Hilliard Darby High School1:13170
5800Stivers School for the Arts1:15230
5931Riverside High School1:14210
6116Village Academy Schools1:14210
6596New Albany High School0:51110
6751Dublin Jerome HS1:0374
8192Gibsonburg High School1:21250
8543Cardinal High School1:0056