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About Ohio Thespians

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A passionate network of more than 100,000 theatre advocates

The Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) is a national nonprofit organization of over 100,000 student and professional members. The Ohio Chapter was founded in 1975, and has over 5000 active members in 365 schools across the state. We empower thespians through educational enrichment opportunities, access to scholarships and college auditions, awards, competitions, and a passionate network of peers. Our mission is to shape lives through theatre education, honoring student achievement in theatre and enriching their theatre education experience. We support teachers by providing professional development, networking opportunities, resources, and recognition. The EdTA operates the International Thespian Society (ITS), an honorary organization that has inducted more than 2.2 million theatre students since its founding in 1929. Each year, more than 40,000 students from around the country join our number. Today, over 4,000 secondary schools are home to a thespian troupe.

Scholarships, Grants, and Awards

for troupes, students, and educators
Send a Troupe to Conference

Providing a one-time grant for a current Thespian troupe and Junior Thespian troupe unable to attend state conference for the past three years because of financial barriers.

Herb Sprowls Grant

Granting financial assistance for select students to attend the Ohio Thespian State Conference.

Ginny Chizer & Bob Fose Scholarships

Benefiting Thespians who have demonstrated exceptional participation and leadership on the local and state level.

Jimmy Humphries Scholarship

Assisting Thespians who have participated in technical theatre and are planning to study technical theatre in college.

Big Yellow School Bus Grant

Administered by the Ohio Arts Council, the Big Yellow School Bus grant supports school visits to arts and cultural activities and can help you get your troupe to conference.

New Troupe Charter Grant

Administered by the Educational Theatre Association, the New Troupe Charter Grants program awards grants to qualifying schools to fund the charter of an International Thespian Society troupe and induction for up to ten students.

Southwest Area Scholarship

Recognizing exceptional southwest area thespians hoping to study theatre or theatre education after high school.

Educator of the Year

Celebrating the valuable contributions thespian troupe directors and educators make to the culture of their high schools and the lifelong impact they have on students. Any one may nominate a theatre educator to receive the award.

Honor Troupe

Honor Troupe recognition promotes excellence and challenge troupes to achieve greater things in the future. Any number of troupes can be recognized each year.

Administrator of the Year

Recognizing principals and superintendents who support theatre within their schools

Hall of Fame Nominations

The Educational Theatre Association Ohio Chapter Hall of Fame honors those individuals who have given outstanding service to Ohio EdTA and Ohio Thespians.

2020 Ohio Thespian State Conference | Dublin Scioto High School

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