Central Area

Your Central Area Representatives:

2016-2017 Central Area Representative: Becky Rhinehart  

2016-2017 Central Area State Thespian Officer: Michaela Strausbaugh  

Central Area StARs:

StARs (Student Area Representatives) are troupe members from all over central Ohio area that meet in order to plan Central Area Thespian Conference.  It is a great way to network with other theatre students from all over Central Area, as well as be involved in theatre and share your Thespian ideas and enthusiasm in something greater than just your school program.  In order to be a STO (State Thespian Officer) from Central Area, you must first be a StAR.


2016-2017 STARs dates are:

October 16th 5:30-7:00PM Bexley High School
November 6th 5:30-7:00PM  Bexley High School
December 11th  5:30-7:00PM  Bexley High School
January 4th  6:30-9PM  Hilliard Darby High School
January 6th 5:00-??  Hilliard Darby High School

Students are allowed to miss 1 StARs meeting.

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